Why You Need to Exhibit Your Brand Products during IFA 2019 Conference

You Need to Exhibit Your Brand Products during IFA 2019

The international franchise association conference is an event you don’t want to miss.

The event is specifically designed for franchisors, franchisees and steadfast suppliers that support this industry. It’s a forum to discuss, build and enrich key ideas and relationship between parties.

As always IFA conventions feature best speakers who share their experiences as the industry grows. Most of the IFA 2019 sessions will be filled with round tables, educational sessions, summits, and mini-super sessions. The intent is to offer information on areas of franchise management, relationship, leadership and financing among others.

You’ll also get an opportunity to exhibit your brand products. But why?

  1. Reach Your Target Audience

The exercise allows you to reach over 3000 franchise professionals. Some of whom include CEOs, presidents, and executive officers in some of the leading franchise businesses in the industry. Use the opportunity to woo them and even make deals. All you have to do is share information on how your idea, product or service can be of help to their business.

  1. Brand Exposure

IFA makes it easier for potential clients to get to you. All this is done in the IFA website, their convention brochure, the IFA convention mobile app and in their franchising world magazine.

  1. Unique Meeting Place

By reserving a unique exhibit booth, attendees are able to find you easily. Even better, your booth space allows you an opportunity to set up meetings and appointments. Use the opportunity to demo a product or have a simple face to face chat.

  1. A Commitment to Franchising Industry

Your attendance at the IFA convention and further participation at the exhibit hall demonstrates your commitment to this industry. Your support to this organization sends a strong message to all the participants who pass by your stand. In most cases, you’ll be able to strike a deal with other like-minded business experts.

  1. Fun

The IFA convention exhibit hall is all fun. From raffles to refreshments, games to giveaways, this area is just incredible. It is your perfect opportunity to present your business message in the best exciting way possible.

About IFA

IFA works through its public policy, government relations, and educational relations and media relations. It does this to promote and enhance over 780,000 franchise businesses that support close to 8.9 million jobs across the United States. It’s estimated to contribute over 3 percent of the entire GDP in the country.


The international franchise associations’ annual conference is the biggest event in business circles. It aims at developing franchisee personally as well as instilling skills that’ll help them grow their business.

, therefore, one of the events that you shouldn’t miss. It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting out or are an expert in the industry, the event is designed to cater for all your needs. It’ll help you chart the future of your business, and grow the business brand together.

Even better, you can choose to hire an exhibit booth during the conference. Use the opportunity to showcase your products to the outside world.

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