The best cities to visit in winter

The best cities to visit in winter

Each season of the year has its charm and, cold as it may be, winter is no exception. The sunlight of winter is one of the most beautiful of the year, not to mention that snow has the property of turning any landscape into an unforgettable postcard. Traveling during this season represents a totally different experience, especially for those who enjoy skiing or ice skating.

Most people usually vacation in summer, either because it is the time of year when they have free days or because they prefer this climate to walk. However, there are destinations that during the winter increase their charm and attractions, offering an unforgettable experience. This entry is dedicated to those places, so if you are planning your next trip, we invite you to know which the best cities to visit in winter are.

Steps to follow:

1.Let’s start with the European continent, where Prague stands out as one of the best cities to visit in winter. The capital of the Czech Republic looks like something out of a fairy tale, being also one of the most romantic destinations to meet as a couple. In winter Prague dresses its red roofs of white snow, offering one of the best view of Europe during this season.

The light of the gas lamps, its stone streets covered with frost and its medieval architecture highlight the charm of this magical city during the coldest season of the year. If you dare to visit Prague in winter you cannot miss the various Christmas markets that take place in the city during the month of December. So, do not forget to read our article about what to see in Prague and know all its attractions. Oh, and do not forget to book a hotel!

2.Visiting Salzburg in Austria, during the winter, is like starring in a Christmas movie. This city is part of the list of the best cities to visit in winter, but preferably during the month of December, when many choirs of Christmas carols walk through the city performing free tunes in exchange for an unforgettable atmosphere to celebrate the holidays.

Do not forget to visit the Panorama Museum, where you can find an exhibition of spectacular cribs. A curious fact about this city is that it was the first place in the world where the emblematic Christmas song “Noche de paz” was played.

3. Norway is a charming destination during all seasons of the year. However, in this list of the best cities to visit in winter we highlight the city of Tromso. It is the typical postcard of the snowy city with dim lights and many snowy mountains, but what makes this place more attractive is that in this destination you can see with your own eyes the famous northern lights: a natural spectacle without waste that in the company of a Hot chocolate will make you forget that you are in one of the coldest cities in the world. Tromso is a small city, where hotels and lodgings are usually filled in winter, so booking in advance will allow you to choose among the best hotels in Tromso.

4.If adventure tourism is your thing and you want to spend a well-deserved holiday in a pair of skis, then Zermatt, in Switzerland, is for you one of the best cities to visit in winter. More than 13 kilometers of tracks make this destination one of the best in the world to ski and glide day and night on the adrenaline of ice. Romantic cabins and many snow-capped mountains wall this city and build a movie atmosphere. At night the atmosphere is also moved, although everything revolves around the sport of skiing, there are many bars and places to warm up with a wine flavored with spices or a real Scotch on the rocks. Because it is a very recurring destination in winter, there is usually a high demand for accommodation, do not leave it for the last minute and book your hotel in Zermatt.

5.If there is a city that invites winter fun is Ottawa. This destination located in Canada – North America – offers multiple musical festivals, exhibitions and outdoor concerts during the months of January and February. But that’s not all, the architecture of Ottawa is one of the most spectacular in the world and offers in winter a landscape worthy of admiration and framed in memory. Here you can enjoy the Winterlude Festival, one of the largest in the world that offers concerts, ice sculptures and snow slides to make a very fun and original tour. In Ottawa there is also the largest ice rink in the world: Rideau Canal. Despite being a large city, the accommodation offer is not very extensive, so it is advisable to be cautious and book a hotel in Ottawa as soon as possible.

6.Scotland causes photography 365 days a year. But in winter, Edinburgh is one of the best to visit. In the capital of the country you will find the Princess Street Gardens, which becomes a fairy tale thanks to a large ice rink, a Ferris wheel next to the medieval castle of the city and one of the largest Christmas trees. The view from the top of Arthur’s Seat will leave you breathless, as you can see the imposing city dressed in white: its best splendor. If you want to know a little about the history of this city, do not miss the path through the vaults of Edinburgh. Edinburgh offers a wide variety of options when choosing accommodation, so that we can give you the task so that you can choose the best hotel from this list.

7.Finally, if you are looking for a destination to fall in love with, ski, eat delicious and spend the most romantic days of your life, you must visit Bariloche. This town located in Patagonia Argentina, the lowest point of South America, is unforgettable and ideal for a magical honeymoon. Here you can get to know the Nahuel Huapi Lake, a mineral water surface of more than 530 square kilometers that connects with Chile. Skiing in Cerro Catedral represents experiencing one of the best adventures in the height of the Andes. Lamb, wild boar, duck, fondue and the wonderful Argentine meat are some of the typical dishes that you can taste in this place.

The town has many tourist attractions, walks, guides and mountain excursions, including a ferry ride through the emblematic natural lake. The lodging is another charm, as there are many hostels that are cabins with views of the snowy mountains to witness one of the best sunrises in South America. Take into account if you decide for this place, that here is winter from the month of July until the end of September.

To round off your experience, do not forget to choose and book the perfect hotel for you in Patagonia Argentina.

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