Significance Of App Reviews In Mobile App Ranking And Ways To Improve It

Significance Of App Reviews In Mobile App Ranking And Ways To Improve It

If you own an app or you are an app user, you must be knowing about the significance of app reviews. For the app developer, an app review is a base on which the app is being branded; if the base isn’t strong, then the chances of the app survival is cut short drastically.

It’s not a hidden fact that an app with positive user rating and reviews will stand out among its competition and thus fuel the number of app downloads. Also, with encouraging app reviews, the organic ranking of the app is bound to shoot.

According to research by Apptentive, over 60 percent of users read app reviews before downloading the app. Therefore, app review does make sense if it’s included in the evaluation process. So, only positive app reviews won’t be enough to push the app to the top; a high volume of good reviews is required to help the app to rank high play stores.

As per Google, the following are the factors which will be considered for the overall ranking of an app on the Google Play Store:

  • Encouraging excellent experiences based on engagement.
  • Offers on premium games with the best pricing.
  • Curation of top-notch games through editorial pages.

Before we jump into the horizon of app reviews, let’s understand it better. To put it simply, app review for a developer is the best possible way to ensure a healthy experience for the app’s audience. And if we talk about the user, it’s a process that makes them feel that the app stays in their control by giving their valuable feedback.

Significance Of App Reviews- H2

Here are some factors which you need to consider which exactly convey why app reviews are important.

  1. Increase App Downloads And User Retention

If an app is positively reviewed, the chances of app downloads and user retention increase considerably. It works as a stamp of trust for other users and people do tend to download apps which have positive reviews.

Also, by engaging with the user one to one, the app owner can offer personalized services which add more value to the app.

  1. Extends The App Visibility

Once the app is known for its features and functionalities, the chances of its getting viral among the target audience soar. And if the app performs incredibly well, the users even share the app on the local or online communities, which in turn is excellent for the app’s visibility.

  1. Swells Conversion Rate

App’s reviews and ratings have a noteworthy impact over the transformation rate of the app, and once the app makes its name in the market, the app reviews don’t matter because of the users’ who trust the app, and it doesn’t matter to them whether other people like it or not. So in this case, it’s crucial to keep updating the app with new features and let the people enjoy when they use the app.

  1. Raises Revenue

There is no doubt that app reviews are directly proportional to the overall revenue that it may generate. But here the condition is that the reviews should be good and encouraging for the other users. Once the user is convinced, he is most likely to download the app and directly it will add to your revenue box.

And for this, you can also create different channels through which the user can review the app and download as well.

Best Ways To Improve Ratings And Reviews

Mobile app reviews and ratings are an inevitable part of the mobile marketing strategies for the same, follow these steps to improve your app ratings and reviews:

  1. Take Care Of The Negative Feedback

The review on an app is a clear reflection of what the app actually holds. Therefore, it’s crucial to have positive reviews under your app rather than a negative review, which overall can hamper the growth of the app.

If some put a negative review for your app, always make sure to engage with that user and get to know the exact reason that led him to comment like that. This way, you will be able to improve on your app and will also save yourself from similar comments in the future.

  1. Have Patience

Don’t bombard the user with the messages and pop-ups to rank or rate your app, as this can irritate them and the end result can be the uninstallation of the app. So, give the user ample time and let the app speak about its features and functionalities. This way, the user himself will rate the app and may even leave positive feedback in the comment section.

  1. Focus On The Core Values

To impress the user, every app owner tends to add flashy graphics and animations, but you should make sure that the core value of your remains above the par of other stuff that the user sees. It will make a good impression on the user and he will be able to directly relate to the issues due to which he downloaded your app.

  1. Make It Easy For The User To Reach Out

In case of any issue, keep it simple for the user to contact you. It can be achieved by putting an option in the app itself through which the user can send across a message. Also, add an extension in the app stores which can work as a communication channel for the user.

How To Convince A  User To Review The App?- H2

At first hand, it’s an arduous task to convince the user to review the app, and the only way to ease out this process is to design a fantastic app that provides a splendid value add. Here are some of the added points, which will yo may include in your app to make an impact on the user:

  • Mention the app USP in the subject line.
  • Formally handle the queries of the app reviewers.
  • Include the company’s previous achievements, if any.
  • Highlight the good things of the app, and make sure to vent out the plans.
  • Explain the USP and its related benefits.
  • Always go for a dry run with a limited number of users before the official launch of the app and implement all the feedback.
  • Make sure to send a reminder email to the user, in case, the app is in the testing phase.
  • Include the platforms and channels through which the user can connect.

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