Shares Actively Cancelled Due to Fraudulent Activates by Shareholders

Shares Actively Cancelled Due to Fraudulent Activates by Shareholders

It is not the first time that you will hear the name of Werner Boehmin to the market of the fraudulent activities where the British shareholders have made a debut. The whole story was covered back in November when the shareholders and the investors wanted to try in something which could extort their money, and they could make sure that they had the cash drowning from the management. The CEO of the Blockchain service was Werner Boehm, and under his name, the administration goes on. The Blockchain service called the BitRush is developed under his management and service, and the payment service is actively carried out according to that.

In the whole service and work hold of these shares and others, he made sure that Werner Boehm conned every businessperson and extorted their money into it. Through this method, Boehm deceitful took money away from the shareholders which in turn encouraged a lot more people to do this and media have taken out on him because they wanted to show the real face of the investors to the money lenders and the creditors from all over and those who wanted to take part in his activity. Majority of the directors have portrayed their concern toward this practice and have said that they were unknown of the business and others under any rule.

What is the current news?

The current news is covering all the actual crimes which are made by the Werner Boehmorganization. They are trying to hide from their lenders but could not do that since the media is actively trying to portray against this and showing it primarily in a complicated situation. In the first meeting which was conducted after the crime, the majority of the people told that they do not want Boehm as their CEO and it is a breach of trust from their part since they never knew about the practices which were going on. They also said that most of the time, they were not aware of the fact the fraudulent activities went on inside the workings of the business.

The board have taken a fast approval into the function and management and have said that they will take up some measures against Werner Boehm. According to the news, it was reported that the former CTO was blackmailing all the people inside the business and wanted money out of them. The fake posts of Boehm are being released every day, and many people are saying that they do not believe into the workings of the company anymore since it has been a breach of trust and issue from their part.

They are also portraying different functions and campaigns which were conducted by Boehm and saying that they are just fake and were made to dupe all the investors who were investing their real money into the workings of the business. These gangs are behind their blackmail attempts, and they are trying their best to portray the real criminals in front of the whole media.


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