Different Types of Web Hosting

Different Types of Web Hosting

There are many different types of Webhosting currently in this world, and each one of them is being used for their own purposes. Furthermore, there are thousands of hosting service providers currently in the active state, but the question is that which one of them is better.  Obviously, there would be many best ones, but they will charge you with a huge amount as well, but as for INXY.host servicesand charges, all of them are simply best. And if you need to check INXY.host services then all you need to do is to contact them, and they will surely guide you all about the different types of Hosting services that they would provide you at affordable rates. Below are some of the hosting services provided by them?

Reseller Hosting

First one is the reseller hosting, and this is the best option for any person who wishes to start his own hosting business. There are further two categories as well in the reseller hosting and first is one is like if you gest hosting services from some company, and you further resell that to some clients. In this case, you will be receiving the low price from the other, and those clients will only pay you till they are using your services. This is known as a reseller of services, while another category is private label. This is one of the most beneficial sources of profit for a beginner businessman. As in this type of hosting you will be receiving the total control of website of your clients, and they will pay you with the normal prices. While you just have to pay the regular fee for the hosting company at the back end.

Shared Hosting

Next comes the shared hosting, and this is one of the common types of hosting for every common person. Especially this type of hosting comes in advantage for the people have low earnings or if they are still students. In this type of hosting a single server is being used by many people. Plus the drive space provided to you will also be low, so that means all the services would be limited and less. This type of hosting is most being used by individuals, because other large companies need to update their websites very off and then, and for that, they require a large space and unlimited services. The only disadvantage of this type of hosting is that when the traffic is increased on your website then it is obvious that your website link will get down, as it is not meant to handle such a huge flow of traffic.

Dedicated Hosting

And in the last comes the secure, but most expensive type of web hosting, and that is dedicated web hosting. And of this type, you will get a complete server all by yourself, and you have to pay the price of hosting and rent of server every month. So that is the reason that this type of web hosting is most being used by the multinational companies or other large firms who can really afford to pay hundreds of dollars.

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