5 Upcoming Search Engine Marketing Trends to Look for in 2018

5 Upcoming Search Engine Marketing Trends to Look for in 2018

Since the start of the New Year – 2018 is going to be audience centric and the biggest transformer of digital marketing. Customer relationship will be on a much more engaging and personalised   level.

Therefore, in order to make your online business grow – you must hire a professional search engine marketing agency to keep an eye on the changes. Let’s have a look at the latest trends for 2018 which can accelerate your position on the cut-throat competition:


With the rise of digital assistants, a brand new market has opened up to change the nature of queries. There is a difference between the amount of words one writes and speaks. As per Google, voice searches have doubled since the last year, and it will put more emphasis on question structures and natural language. Hence, this trend is expected to improve and grow in 2018.


It is not new in the world of technology, but over the years it has become efficient. Recently, Chatbots are awarded as a valuable asset in digital marketing. Whether you want to interact with customers or engage new visitors in your website, Chatbots are imperative.


AI is no more a scientific concept. We don’t realise but machine learning has been seeping through our everyday life. It is also altering the way keywords are ranked providing great results and customised experience to users.


Since the past year, videos have been a priority, and it will continue in the future. The demand has risen as several users have expressed their desire to watch more videos. Also, marketers are of the view that videos will present more ROI. With the rise of mobile devices – video viewing capabilities have improved. Its popularity with younger demographics has made video ads one of the excellent mediums to elevate social engagement.


This is very popular with consumers and organisations are fiercely competing against each other to meet Google’s standards. The graphs, tables and lists work in a great way to create the content in Question and Answer format.

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